Q. Does this sale include a free domain name?

A. NO, You must provide your own domain name for us to install the website. If you require help purchasing a domain name I can help.

Q. Do I need hosting for the website?

A. YES, you will need to have a web host. You can host the website on our servers for $60 per year or we can install the website on your host.

Q. Can you Install on my host a demo for my website(s)?

A. No, You would not need one. You would create your would simply use your own website as the demo, should you decide to sell it one day.

Q. Can you send me the website script to install it myself?

A. No. I am afraid We do not send out the website script in any way. However, We will install and make sure the website is working as advertised on the item description.

Q. How long does it take to setup the website?

A. Setup is normally done within one working day but often only a few hours depending on the time you make the purchase.

Q. Are there any hidden fees related to this sale?

A. NO, Apart from the sale price, there will only be a domain name and hosting fees to you.

Q. How much money can I make from my website(s)?

A. The amount of money that can be made from your website(s), or any other online business depends on how well you promote your website.

Q. Will you promote the website for me after purchase?

A. No. This is your business and so it’s your responsibility to promote your new website.

Q. Can I make more copies of this website?

A. No. You cannot make copies of your website. You would need to have skills as a web Designer or a Developer.

Q. Can I have a Refund if I do not want the website?

A. There will be no refund once the website has been installed. I have provided a demo for you to view the actual website. And your website(s) are a digital product.

Q. Can I Resell this website script?

A. Yes,  It is your website and you have a Personal use licence, and scripts included in this website come with resell rights.

Q. Is it possible for you to make changes to the website?

A. Yes, I can modify the existing website for a fee. Please contact me about it.

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