Our financing policy is very simple.  For any of our websites, you may pay a 50% down payment of the full purchase price. And then pay off the balance of the amount outstanding in two equal payments, over the following 30 days.

Your website(s) will remain on our hosting and remain licensed in our name, until you have satisfied your balance.  However, all income derived and generated by your new business(s) during your financing period, will remain 100% your income. As only you will have control over your payment gateway that receives payments from your customers.

Your website(s) are embeded with your payment information, such as your PayPal acct. in which all monies received from your marketing and promoting efforts, is paid directly to your account. As soon as you purchase them, whether doing financing, or not.


Should you happen to default on your payment. You will be charged a late penalty that is equal to 15% of the outstanding balance and allowed an additional 15 days to settle the account, from the date that the original 30 days expired.

After the additional 15 days has expired and the account still has not been settled. Your website will remain our property.  The original 50% deposit will be retained by us for damages, however any monies that have been paid by you surpassing the 50% deposit. Will be returned to you via PayPal, within 15 – 30 business days, if not sooner.

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