Just A Small Tick Of My Day Of Many Ticks

I often get inbox questions about how to make a living from online real estate, owning online properties and people who are simply sick of working 6 – as much as 16 hours a day for maybe 10 – 30 bucks an hour before taxes, expenses, bills and life, which leaves most of them with shit in the end.
TIME… Time is their biggest cost and sacrifice. It is that, which they can never get back and one day that job will in fact replace them, for this is the way of life and aging.

So I tell that that as a web designer, of course I design and sell websites. The money is good and the work is fun; each day and each client is new and exciting! The tips are terrific also! However that is simply 1 part of my day… Sure, someone, some business always wants or needs a website, so it is a very in demand field. I own a small, start-up tech company also however and we develop, launch and sell a WHOOOOLLLEE LOT of other products and services!!
One of the best, that remains the biggest seller on the internet and has for well over a decade now is eBooks.

EBooks sell more than anything else in the world online. When I tell folks this in answer to their questions, they cringe. Even snicker in doubt. The fact is though, it takes little physical work, a shit ton of common sense, fortitude, social media and internet savvy and NOT being lazy! At a minimum, if you have only 1, just 1 eBook that you sell, and only sell it for $0.99 cents, and only sell it about 20 – 40 times a day, with the average being 30 times. only 5 days a week… That equals what exactly on a month? $628.00 So even with just 1 eBook to sell, only hustling part time and just that 1 stream of income alone, with nothing else… It is still part time job money. The unfortunate part is that so many folks work part time jobs and do not even make that much on a month!

Do YOU want or even NEED a small part time business? Maybe your own eBooks store selling dozens of eBooks, or just a small eBooks packaged business? Perhaps just 1 eBook to own and sell, over and over again for life?

Allow us to help you! We have over 2 million eBooks for you and will gladly build you an eBooks eCommerce store, Set you up with a small, business in a box eBooks package, or simply sell you just 1 eBook to sell for extra income. Legitimate income!!

However.. Just selling 1 eBook, is going to flood you with questions from your customers and would be customers, as to why you do not offer more than just 1 eBook!!

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